Lineas de Investigación

01. A university group with experience in research on the cardiovascular system in vertebrates using biomedically relevant animal disease models.

02. Aetiology and physiopathology of bicuspid aortic valve disease.

03. Aetiology of congenital coronary artery anomalies.

04. Animal models of atherosclerosis.

05. Vascular growth: angiogenesis and arteriogenesis.

06. Embryonic development of the cardiovascular system.

06. Comparative anatomy and evolution of the cardiovascular system.

Publicaciones científicas

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The arrangement of the coronary artery trunks is subject to inheritance factors: A study in Syrian hamsters

Soto-Navarrete, MT; Arque, JM; Duran, AC; Fernandez, MC; Lopez-Unzu, MA; Lorenzale, M; Sans-Coma, V; Fernandez, B
Anatomia Histologia Embryologia 2018

The anatomical components of the cardiac outflow tract of chondrichthyans and actinopterygians

Lorenzale, M; Lopez-Unzu, MA; Rodriguez, C; Fernandez, B; Duran, AC; Sans-Coma, V
Biological Reviews 2018

Cardiac, mandibular and thymic phenotypical association indicates that cranial neural crest underlies bicuspid aortic valve formation in hamsters

Martinez-Vargas, J; Ventura, J; Machuca, A; Munoz-Munoz, F; Fernandez, MC; Soto-Navarrete, MT; Duran, AC; Fernandez, BPlos One. 2017

Dicephalous v. diprosopus sharks: record of a two-headed embryo of Galeus atlanticus and review of the literature

Sans-Coma, V; Rodriguez, C; Lopez-Unzu, MA; Lorenzale, M; Fernandez, B; Vida, L; Duran, ACJournal Of Fish Biology. 2017

Fibrillin 2 is upregulated in the ascending aorta of patients with bicuspid aortic valve

Rueda-Martinez, C; Lamas, O; Mataro, MJ; Robledo-Carmona, J; Sanchez-Espin, G; Moreno-Santos, I; Carrasco-Chinchilla, F; Gallego, P; Such-Martinez, M; de Teresa, E; Jimenez-Navarro, M(autor para petición de copias) ; Fernandez, BEuropean Journal Of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. 2017

The bulbus arteriosus of the holocephalan heart: gross anatomy, histomorphology, pigmentation, and evolutionary significance

Rodriguez, C; Lorenzale, M; Lopez-Unzu, MA; Fernandez, B; Salmeron, F; Sans-Coma, V; Duran, ACZoology. 2017

Increased blood levels of transforming growth factor beta in patients with aortic dilatation

Rueda-Martinez, Carmen; Lamas, Oscar; Carrasco-Chinchilla, Fernando; Robledo-Carmona, Juan; Porras, Carlos; Sanchez-Espin, Gemma; Navarro, Manuel Jimenez(autor para petición de copias); Fernandez, BorjaInteractive Cardiovascular And Thoracic Surgery. 2017

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