Lineas de Investigación

01 Associative mechanisms of learning.

02 Learning systems involved in the acquisition and extinction of conditioned fear.

03 Cerebral bases of the reinforcement learning system.

04 Individual differences in reinforcement learning as a marker of vulnerability to anxiety disorders.

Proyectos de Investigación

Intolerancia a la incertidumbre como factor de vulnerabilidad frente a la adquisición de conductas de evitación desadaptativas

Junta de Andalucía
. 2019

Publicaciones científicas

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Intolerance of uncertainty as a vulnerability factor for excessive and inflexible avoidance behavior

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Behaviour Research And Therapy 2018

The Diagnosis of Mental Disorders Is Influenced by Automatic Causal Reasoning

Flores, A; Cobos, PL; Hagmayer, Y
Clinical Psychological Science 2018

Neurophysiological evidence of efference copies to inner speech

Whitford, TJ; Jack, BN; Pearson, D; Griffiths, O; Luque, D; Harris, AWF; Spence, KM; Le Pelley, MEElife. 2017

Targeted Memory Reactivation during Sleep Adaptively Promotes the Strengthening or Weakening of Overlapping Memories

Oyarzun, JP; Moris, J; Luque, D; de Diego-Balaguer, R; Fuentemilla, LJournal Of Neuroscience. 2017

Testing the controllability of contextual cuing of visual search

Luque, D; Vadillo, MA; Lopez, FJ; Alonso, R; Shanks, DRScientific Reports. 2017

Dependent Measure and Time Constraints Modulate the Competition Between Conflicting Feature-Based and Rule-Based Generalization Processes

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Slower Reacquisition After Partial Extinction in Human Contingency Learning

Morris, J; Barberia, I; Vadillo, MA; Andrades, A; Lopez, FJJournal Of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory And Cognition. 2017

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