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Editorial: AI and Multi-Omics for Rare Diseases: Challenges, Advances and Perspectives

Bottini S, Emmert-Streib F, Franco L Frontiers in molecular biosciences 2021;8():719978

Deep neural networks architecture driven by problem-specific information

Urda, D; Veredas, FJ; Gonzalez-Enrique, J; Ruiz-Aguilar, JJ; Jerez, JM; Turias, IJ NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS 2021

Electronic health records and patient registries in medical oncology departments in Spain

Ribelles N, Alvarez-Lopez I, Arcusa A, Chacon JI, de la Haba J, et al. Clinical & translational oncology : official publication of the Federation of Spanish Oncology Societies and of the National Cancer Institute of Mexico 2021 Oct;23(10):2099-2108

Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) approach to predict early progression to first-line treatment in real-world hormone receptor-positive (HR+)/HER2-negative advanced breast cancer patients

Ribelles N, Jerez JM, Rodriguez-Brazzarola P, Jimenez B, Diaz-Redondo T, et al. European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 2021 Feb;144():224-231

Transformers for Clinical Coding in Spanish

Lopez-Garcia, G; Jerez, JM; Ribelles, N; Alba, E; Veredas, FJ IEEE ACCESS 2021

Combining feature engineering and feature selection to improve the prediction of methionine oxidation sites in proteins

Veredas, FJ; Urda, D; Subirats, JL; Canton, FR; Aledo, JC NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS 2020

Exploratory Data Analysis and Foreground Detection with the Growing Hierarchical Neural Forest

Palomo, EJ; Lopez-Rubio, E; Ortega-Zamorano, F; Benitez-Rochel, R NEURAL PROCESSING LETTERS 2020

Improving classification accuracy using data augmentation on small data sets

Moreno-Barea, FJ; Jerez, JM; Franco, L EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS 2020

Improving learning and generalization capabilities of the C-Mantec constructive neural network algorithm

Gomez, I; Mesa, H; Ortega-Zamorano, F; Jerez-Aragones, JM; Franco, L NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS 2020

Transfer learning with convolutional neural networks for cancer survival prediction using gene-expression data

López-García G, Jerez JM, Franco L, Veredas FJ PloS one 2020;15(3):e0230536


Gonzalez-Enrique, J; Turias, IJ; Ruiz-Aguilar, JJ; Moscoso-Lopez, J; Jerez-Aragones, J; Franco, L FRESENIUS ENVIRONMENTAL BULLETIN 2019

Piecewise Polynomial Activation Functions for Feedforward Neural Networks

Lopez-Rubio, E; Ortega-Zamorano, F; Dominguez, E; Munoz-Perez, J NEURAL PROCESSING LETTERS 2019

Spatial and meteorological relevance in NO2 estimations: a case study in the Bay of Algeciras (Spain)

Gonzalez-Enrique, J; Turias, IJ; Ruiz-Aguilar, JJ; Moscoso-Lopez, JA; Franco, L STOCHASTIC ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND RISK ASSESSMENT 2019

BLASSO: integration of biological knowledge into a regularized linear model

Urda D, Aragón F, Bautista R, Franco L, Veredas FJ, et al. BMC systems biology 2018 Nov 20;12(Suppl 5):94

Male breast cancer: correlation between immunohistochemical subtyping and PAM50 intrinsic subtypes, and the subsequent clinical outcomes

Sánchez-Muñoz A, Vicioso L, Santonja A, Álvarez M, Plata-Fernández Y, et al. Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc 2018 Feb;31(2):299-306

A machine learning approach for predicting methionine oxidation sites

Aledo JC, Cantón FR, Veredas FJ BMC bioinformatics 2017 Sep 29;18(1):430

Layer multiplexing FPGA implementation for deep back-propagation learning

Ortega-Zamorano, F; Jerez, JM; Gomez, I; Franco, L INTEGRATED COMPUTER-AIDED ENGINEERING 2017

Methionine residues around phosphorylation sites are preferentially oxidized in vivo under stress conditions

Veredas FJ, Cantón FR, Aledo JC Scientific reports 2017 Jan 12;7():40403

Noisy Chaotic Time Series Forecast Approximated By Combining Reny’s Entropy With Energy Associated To Series Method: Application To Rainfall Series

Rivero, CR; Pucheta, JA; Canon, ADO; Franco, L; Valdivia, YJT; Otano, PS; Sauchelli, VH IEEE LATIN AMERICA TRANSACTIONS 2017

Advanced Online Survival Analysis Tool for Predictive Modelling in Clinical Data Science

Montes-Torres J, Subirats JL, Ribelles N, Urda D, Franco L, et al. PloS one 2016;11(8):e0161135

Efficient Implementation of the Backpropagation Algorithm in FPGAs and Microcontrollers

Ortega-Zamorano F, Jerez JM, Urda Munoz D, Luque-Baena RM, Franco L IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 2016 Sep;27(9):1840-50

FPGA Hardware Acceleration of Monte Carlo Simulations for the Ising Model

Ortega-Zamorano, F; Montemurro, MA; Cannas, SA; Jerez, JM; Franco, L IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS 2016

Supervised discretization can discover risk groups in cancer survival analysis

Gómez I, Ribelles N, Franco L, Alba E, Jerez JM Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 2016 Nov;136():11-9

A self-organizing map to improve vehicle detection in flow monitoring systems

Luque-Baena, RM; Lopez-Rubio, E; Dominguez, E; Palomo, EJ; Jerez, JM SOFT COMPUTING 2015

Sulphur Atoms from Methionines Interacting with Aromatic Residues Are Less Prone to Oxidation

Aledo JC, Cantón FR, Veredas FJ Scientific reports 2015 Nov 24;5():16955

W Efficient detection of wound-bed and peripheral skin with statistical colour models

Veredas FJ, Mesa H, Morente L Medical & biological engineering & computing 2015 Apr;53(4):345-59

Wound image evaluation with machine learning

Veredas, FJ; Luque-Baena, RM; Martin-Santos, FJ; Morilla-Herrera, JC; Morente, L NEUROCOMPUTING 2015

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