MAPIR (Machine Perception and Intelligent Robotics Group)

Lineas de Investigación

01. Application of robotic technology to improve the independence of elderly people in their homes.

02. Research and development on robotic telepresence systems that allow for extending independent living and social interaction among elderly people. This system is designed so that a family member, caregiver, or healthcare professional can have a virtual visit to the user’s home. Interaction is very similar to that which would occur in a conventional in-person visit.

03. Development of safe automatic navigation systems in small spaces as well as systems for friendly interaction with elderly people who have a degree of cognitive frailty who live alone in their homes. This interaction seeks to alleviate feelings of loneliness, contributing to users’ independence and well-being.

04. Research and development of networks of sensors and algorithms to sense activity in the environment as well as people’s physiological parameters (chronic patient, at-risk patient, patient in rehabilitation, etc.) so that public health professionals (physicians, nurses, social workers, etc.) may monitor and follow-up on them.

Publicaciones científicas

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Automatic Waypoint Generation to Improve Robot Navigation Through Narrow Spaces

Moreno FA, Monroy J, Ruiz-Sarmiento JR, Galindo C, Gonzalez-Jimenez J
Sensors (Basel) 2019 Dec 31;20(1):240

Characterization, Statistical Analysis and Method Selection in the Two-Clocks Synchronization Problem for Pairwise Interconnected Sensors

Fernández-Madrigal JA, Navarro A, Asenjo R, Cruz-Martín A
Sensors (Basel) 2020 Aug 26;20(17):4808

Statistical Study of the Performance of Recursive Bayesian Filters with Abnormal Observations from Range Sensors

Castellano-Quero M, Fernández-Madrigal JA, García-Cerezo AJ
Sensors (Basel) 2020 Jul 26;20(15):4159

Validation, Reliability, and Responsiveness Outcomes Of Kinematic Assessment With An RGB-D Camera To Analyze Movement In Subacute And Chronic Low Back Pain

Trinidad-Fernández M, Beckwée D, Cuesta-Vargas A, González-Sánchez M, Moreno FA, González-Jiménez J, Joos E, Vaes P
Sensors (Basel) 2020 Jan 27;20(3):689

Disorder effects in subwavelength grating metamaterial waveguides

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Experimental demonstration of an apodized-imaging chip-fiber grating coupler for Si3N4 waveguides

Chen, Y; Bucio, TD; Khokhar, AZ; Banakar, M; Grabska, K; Gardes, FY; Halir, R; Molina-Fernandez, I; Cheben, P; He, JJOptics Letters. 2017

Equivalent Circuits for Nonsymmetric Reciprocal Two Ports Based on Eigenstate Formulation

Abdo-Sanchez, E; Camacho-Penalosa, C; Martin-Guerrero, TM; Esteban, JIeee Transactions On Microwave Theory And Techniques. 2017

Broadband high-efficiency zero-order surface grating coupler for the near-and mid-infrared wavelength ranges

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Subwavelength Index Engineered Waveguides and Devices

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Subwavelength metamaterial engineering for silicon photonics

Halir, R; Ortega-Monux, A; Soler-Penades, J; Luque-Gonzalez, JM; Sarmiento-Merenguel, D; Sanchez-Postigo, A; Wanguemert-Perez, G; Schmid, J; Xu, DX; Janz, S; Lapointe, J; Molina-Fernandez, I; Nedeljkovic, M; Mashanovich, GZ; Cheben, PSmart Photonic And Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits Xix. 2017

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