Molecular Bases of Cell Proliferation and Rare Diseases

Lineas de Investigación

01. Angiogenesis and tumour microenvironments: Identification and characterisation of angiogenesis modulators. Metabolism in the tumour microenvironment.

02. Metabolism of biogenic amines and polyamines in health and disease.

03. Bioinformatics and networks: models of interactomes, disease networks, and medicine networks with predictive methods.

04.Bioinformatics workflows for the automisation of genomic analysis. Analysis of transposon element expression in cancer.

05. Applications of the above lines of research to rare diseases.

Publicaciones científicas

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Copper-containing mesoporous bioactive glass promotes angiogenesis in an in vivo zebrafish model

Romero-Sanchez, LB; Mari-Beffa, M; Carrillo, P; Medina, MA; Diaz-Cuenca, A
Acta Biomaterialia 2018

TransFlow: a modular framework for assembling and assessing accurate de novo transcriptomes in non-model organisms

Seoane, P; Espigares, M; Carmona, R; Polonio, A; Quintana, J; Cretazzo, E; Bota, J; Perez-Garcia, A; Alche, JD; Gomez, L; Claros, MG
Bmc Bioinformatics 2018

Mathematical modeling of cancer metabolism

Medina, MA
Critical Reviews In Oncology Hematology 2018

Fishing anti(lymph)angiogenic drugs with zebrafish

Garcia-Caballero, M; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA; Mari-Beffa, M
Drug Discovery Today 2018

Phenotype-loci associations in networks of patients with rare disorders: application to assist in the diagnosis of novel clinical cases

Bueno, A; Rodriguez-Lopez, R; Reyes-Palomares, A; Rojano, E; Corpas, M; Nevado, J; Lapunzina, P; Sanchez-Jimenez, F; Ranea, JAG
European Journal Of Human Genetics 2018

Comparison of the anti-angiogenic potential of hydroxytyrosol and five derivatives

Lopez-Jimenez, A; Gallardo, E; Espartero, JL; Madrona, A; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA
Food & Function 2018

Exploring the Ring-Closing Metathesis for the Construction of the Solomonamide Macrocyclic Core: Identification of Bioactive Precursors

Cheng-Sanchez, I; Carrillo, P; Sanchez-Ruiz, A; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA; Lopez-Romero, JM; Sarabia, F
Journal Of Organic Chemistry 2018

(+)-Aeroplysinin-1 Modulates the Redox Balance of Endothelial Cells

Garcia-Vilas, JA; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA
Marine Drugs 2018

Bioinformatic Prediction of S-Nitrosylation Sites in Large Protein Datasets.

Carmona, Rosario; Claros, M; de Alche, Juan
Methods In Molecular Biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2018

In silico prediction of targets for anti-angiogenesis and their in vitro evaluation confirm the involvement of SOD3 in angiogenesis.

Garcia-Vilas, Javier A; Morilla, Ian; Bueno, Anibal; Martinez-Poveda, Beatriz; Medina, Miguel Angel; Ranea, Juan A G
Oncotarget 2018

Regulatory role of microRNA in mesenteric lymph nodes after &ITSalmonella&IT Typhimurium infection

Herrera-Uribe, J; Zaldivar-Lopez, S; Aguilar, C; Luque, C; Bautista, R; Carvajal, A; Claros, MG; Garrido, JJ
Veterinary Research 2018

Development of genomic tools in a widespread tropical tree, Symphonia globulifera L.f.: a new low-coverage draft genome, SNP and SSR markers

Olsson, S; Seoane-Zonjic, P; Bautista, R; Claros, MG; Gonzalez-Martinez, SC; Scotti, I; Scotti-Saintagne, C; Hardy, OJ; Heuertz, MMolecular Ecology Resources. 2017

Identification and Functional Annotation of Genes Differentially Expressed in the Reproductive Tissues of the Olive Tree (Olea europaea L.) through the Generation of Subtractive Libraries

Zafra, A; Carmona, R; Traverso, JA; Hancock, JT; Goldman, MHS; Claros, MG; Hiscock, SJ; Alche, JDFrontiers In Plant Science. 2017

Polyamine-RNA-membrane interactions: From the past to the future in biology

Acosta-Andrade, C; Artetxe, I; Lete, MG; Monasterio, BG; Ruiz-Mirazo, K; Goni, FM; Sanchez-Jimenez, FColloids And Surfaces B-Biointerfaces. 2017

Structural and Functional View of Polypharmacology

Moya-Garcia, A; Adeyelu, T; Kruger, FA; Dawson, NL; Lees, JG; Overington, JP; Orengo, C; Ranea, JAGScientific Reports. 2017

Targeting VEGFR-3/-2 signaling pathways with AD0157: a potential strategy against tumor-associated lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic metastases

Garcia-Caballero, M; Paupert, J; Blacher, S; Van de Velde, M; Quesada, AR; Medina, MA; Noel, AJournal Of Hematology & Oncology. 2017

The Natural Antiangiogenic Compound AD0157 Induces Caspase-Dependent Apoptosis in Human Myeloid Leukemia Cells

Garcia-Caballero, M; Martinez-Poveda, B; Medina, MA; Quesada, ARFrontiers In Pharmacology. 2017

The noni anthraquinone damnacanthal is a multi-kinase inhibitor with potent anti-angiogenic effects

Garcia-Vilas, JA; Pino-Angeles, A; Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MACancer Letters. 2017

Pleiotropic Role of Puupehenones in Biomedical Research

Martinez-Poveda, B; Quesada, AR; Medina, MAMarine Drugs. 2017

Generation of nitric oxide by olive (Olea europaea L.) pollen during in vitro germination and assessment of the S-nitroso- and nitro-proteomes by computational predictive methods

Jimenez-Quesada, MJ; Carmona, R; Lima-Cabello, E; Traverso, JA; Castro, AJ; Claros, MG; Alche, JDNitric Oxide-Biology And Chemistry. 2017

Genomic analysis of the marine fish pathogen Photobacterium damselae subsp piscicida: Insertion sequences proliferation is associated with chromosomal reorganisations and rampant gene decay

Balado, M; Benzekri, H; Labella, AM; Claros, MG; Manchado, M; Borrego, JJ; Osorio, CR; Lemos, MLInfection Genetics And Evolution. 2017

Automated identification of reference genes based on RNA-seq data

Carmona, R; Arroyo, M; Jimenez-Quesada, MJ; Seoane, P; Zafra, A; Larrosa, R; Alche, JD; Claros, MGBiomedical Engineering Online. 2017

Homocysteine pre-treatment increases redox capacity in both endothelial and tumor cells

Diaz-Santiago, E; Rodriguez-Caso, L; Cardenas, C; Serrano, JJ; Quesada, AR; Medina, MARedox Report. 2017


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