IBIMA Training Plan | Journeys

  • ‘I, II and III IBIMA-Farmaindustria Conference. Bringing science closer to schools’. Organized together with Farmaindustria and ASAMMA and with the collaboration of educational centers in the capital to disseminate science to high school students
  • Multiple editions of the European Night of Researchers. On the last Friday of each year, IBIMA participates in numerous workshops, seminars and talks within the organization of the European Night of Researchers. An initiative in which more than 300 European cities participate where science is brought closer to society at street level.
  • Participation in the editions of the international festival ‘Pint of Science’. IBIMA participates every May with researchers from the Institute in an initiative promoted at European level by young people with concerns about scientific dissemination to organize talks in bars and places with a significant share of young people with an interest in science.
  • Information days on HR: international financing options. After conducting surveys to detect training needs for IBIMA staff, the need was detected to organize sessions in which the Institute’s International Project professionals offer all the information and possibilities available to members attached to the Institute.
  • Conference ‘Brushstrokes of Immunology and Cancer’. In recent years, numerous conferences organized by researchers from the Oncology Area have been held on the present and future of immunology in the field of oncology.
  • II and II Informative seminar on European COST Action Networks. IBIMA’s International Projects Office has also held information sessions on the participation of research groups in European COST networks and the procedure to follow to undertake these initiatives.
  • For more information, you can contact IBIMA Training through email formacion@ibima.eu

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