IBIMA’s Technology Transfer Unit takes on a proactive role in supporting and managing the protection of research results and the creation of alliances, guaranteeing a homogeneous framework for relationships with the business sector in line with the Standards for Industrial and Intellectual Property..


Intellectual property registry

This registry protects creations of the mind. It comprises literary and artistic works, architectural designs, and computer programmes (the source code is registered, except for those which may be ‘patentable’).

Industrial property registry

If the creation solves a technical problem and has an industrial application, it can be protected under the industrial property registry.


A patent is ownership that prevents others from manufacturing, importing, commercialising, or using the object of the patent without the owner’s consent for a period of 20 years. For example, a new molecule.

Utility model

A utility model protects inventions that consist of, for example, giving an object a configuration or structure from which some utility or practical advantage is derived. For example: a surgical instrument.



The invention cannot be included in the state of the art. That’s to say, it cannot have been made accessible to the public, either in Spain or abroad, through a written or oral description, through use, or through any other means before requesting the patent.

Inventive step

The invention solves a specific technical problem in a manner that is not obvious to an expert on the matter.

Industrial application

The purpose of the invention must be susceptible to industrial exploitation.

Reproducibility of the invention

The invention must be written about in a way that allows it to be carried out with the information contained in the specifications.

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