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ALERGEST: An application to obtain information about hospital meal ingredients, allergens and nutritional information.

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Nowadays, citizens are very conscious about having a good healthy eating and about their allergies.
This fact and the new law (Real Decreto 126/2015) for unpackaged food and food served in establishments, which says the have to inform about the presence of allergens, have resulted in this application development.
A group of professionals has developed a new application to inform patients and relatives about ingredients, allergens, nutritional compositions, recipes and other interesting information about hospital meals. This application could be consulted using a smart phone or a computer.
For now, this application has been designed for Málaga Regional University Hospital, but new developments could be done about other hospital, school canteen, restaurant or cafeteria meals. In the future, a network including all establishments with this information could be developed. This version would be very useful for clients, who could know nutritional information and meal allergens using their smart phone.


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  • It is very useful to be informed about meal allergens.

  • There are only few applications with nutritional information of food served.

  • To have an easy access to this type of information is very reassuring for patients and relatives.

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