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Aortic aneurysm treatment device.

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An aortic aneurysm is a localized dilation that causes weakness in the artery’s wall. In the absence of treatment, the aneurysm tends to grow progressively, which increases the risk of a rupture and a massive internal hemorrhage. Visceral and thoracoabdominal aorta aneurysms are dilatations with a high risk of rupture that affect the exit of vessels that irrigate the viscera. Currently there is a wide variety of treatments, each with its respective advantages and disadvantages.

The researcher has proposed a new improved device designed specifically for the treatment of the aortic aneurysm, which solves the possible surgical problems associated with other types of treatments.

It is a system with two modules (one external and one internal), and a balloon for the release of the occlusive substance. The exterior module works as a scaffold and allows a controlled release of the occlusive substance, while the interior one allows the catheterization of the branches and anchors the visceral stents. To further minimize pressure on the walls of the aneurysm cavity, the devices may further include injection of a thrombogenic material.


  • Low profile, due to the fact that the coating in the used stents is little or non-existing, therefore it has a smaller diameter, being able to reach more unfavorable anatomies.

  • Permeability and low aggressiveness. This procedure could be performed under local anesthesia and arterial puncture.

  • Easy to learn and use, since it would be the same system for all patients.

  • It is quick, since a customized endoprothesis is not required for each patient.

  • Universality, it could be used in any possible anatomy.

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  • Cardiovascular and circulatory system

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