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e-PADI: Application to assess the fragility of chronic patients

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Health care context has been modified by population ageing. Health spending has increased substantially, due to the resource expenditure increment. This increment has been produced by population ageing and the chronicity of diseases.
In 2009, 17% of the population was over 65 years, nowadays this percentage has been increased. This population used to suffer multiple pathologies. So, this is a growing population associated with a high health resources consumption.
Moreover, this population can’t usually take care themselves and they need help. The capacity of fragility measurements allows professionals to make a better assignment of the resources and to supply patients requirements.
To solve this problem, the group of professionals has developed a new scale, based on different factors, to identify patients by fragility status. This scale has been validated in more than 2,000 patients.
The scale has been implemented in a web application and it can be used to make a mobile application, so it can be implemented in Healthcare Systems easily.
The use of the scale improves healthcare attention, because it can be used to stablish patient necessities. You can obtain information about health expenditure, activities and health results. Warnings can be set to each patient, with the aim of making the best use of the resources and implementing personalized healthcare plans.


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  • It is a checklist scale, so it is easy, simple and fast to use.

  • It is possible to making the best use of the resources using this tool.

  • A better health attention can be reached using this tool. Resources can be redistributed according to real patient necessities.

  • This tool is very useful in the development of a personalized plan of care and the coordination among health care levels.

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