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SMILING IS FUN II: Self-applied program for preventing and treating emotional disorders.

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Emotional disorders represent a Mental Health problem that carries a high personal and social cost. Designing tools for treatment and prevention is one of the current challenges of clinical psychology.
In this context, Smiling is fun II has been developed using Smiling is fun as starting point. This program can be implemented in a digital platform and can be used from house by patients.
In addition to the more traditional approaches to preventing depression, the tool also includes novel strategies for enhancing positive moods. Thus, Smiling is fun II combines today’s most effective procedures for controlling anxiety and stress with techniques for promoting emotional regulation, coping capacity and resilience.
The aim of the program is to decrease emotional disease incidence and to detect over-risk people.
The program is oriented towards teaching different psychological techniques and adaptive ways of coping with stress. Besides the cognitive behavioral therapy components, it also includes practical exercises and strategies to enhance positive affect.
A controlled, randomised study has confirmed the efficacy of the treatment protocol used in Smiling is fun II to improve patients’ clinical situation.
Therapy contents are available to be implemented in different platforms.


  • Self-applied programs offer powerful tools to improve people’s access to mental health in low-resource or remote areas and decrease assistance cost.

  • In-house therapies improve patient adherence.

  • The use of multimedia elements aids comprehension and safeguards the information.

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