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T-shirt for temperature, perspiration and UV

  • Medical devices

The number of cases of skin cancer arise all over the word. Sun and artificial ultraviolet radiation produce skin cancer. Moreover, sunburns increase a person’s risk for skin cancer. Nowadays, most people suffer sunburns during sport or physical activities practice.
To do sport using hats, long-sleeve t-shirt, sun glasses and sunscreen or to do sport in the shade reduces UV radiation exposition. However, most sportsmen do not take it into account or they do not have technical media.
On the other hand, a high body temperature produced by sport can result in severe dehydration or thermal shock. Hyperthermia can produce sportsman died.
Also, last researches have discovered a high body temperature increase UV radiation damages and skin cancer risk.
For these reasons, the use of a t-shirt for body and room temperature measurement, UV intensity and perspiration measurement prevent sunburns and skin cancer. The use of this t-shirt it is also interesting for hydration strategy.


  • To prevent skin cancer.

  • To avoid sportsmen develop a heat stroke.

  • It is a good tool for hydration strategy.

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