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Treatment for depression in elderly people.

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The incidence of depressive disorders in this age group ranges from 8 and 37,4 %. Depression in elderly people goes together with cognitive, physical and social deterioration, as well as a big impact in their quality of life.

These patients usually present several simultaneous pathologies and they require numerous psychopharmacologic treatments. For this reason, the selection of the antidepressive drug is very important. The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the first-choice drugs due to their efficacy, tolerance with low adverse effects and their easy clinical use.
Currently, there are no specific pharmacological treatments in the market for mood disorders in elderly people.

For these reasons, the research group has evaluated the efficacy of the proposed treatment, in a pilot clinical trial of 44 patients diagnosed with depression. The treatment consists on a therapeutic dosis of the combination of antioxidants in people older than 65, improving mood and cognitive disorders in depression.

The aim is to increase antioxidants levels in the organism to eliminate the excess of free radicals, thus reducing the oxidative stress, and treat the damage. It is preferable the combination of antioxidants with SSRIs antidepressive drugs in order to rise the efficacy of the depression treatment.


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  • Improves efficacy and reduces the toxicity of antidepressive drugs in elderly people, thus positively affecting their quality of life.

  • It allows to reduce the dose and a better control of the disease, which entails a saving for the National Health System.

  • Low economic cost and easy manufacturing process.

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