Prevention of Occupational Risks FIMABIS / IBIMA

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the list of functions and responsibilities in preventive matters included in the FIMABIS Prevention Plan, which must be applied and required within the scope of the competence of each one of you, as well as the preventive policy of the company, are published today on the web.

Likewise, remind you that the prevention plan aims to reflect the guidelines to be followed by the organizational structure to get staff to get involved in the company’s prevention policy and to develop a participatory prevention management that takes advantage of the capacities of all the people involved, as well as the training and information of all the personnel involved in it.

This Prevention Plan has been carried out, in accordance with article 16 of the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention (modification introduced by Law 54/2003, of December 12), which establishes the duty of integrating prevention into the general management system of the company, by including in it the organizational structure, responsibilities, functions, practices, procedures, processes and resources necessary for the implementation and application of the prevention of occupational risks.

In any case, any incident that prevents you from exercising the functions communicated or assuming the responsibilities that these functions entail, must be reported immediately to the Prevention Coordinator at your workplace.

We recommend you access the different documents that make up this plan within the web space enabled for this purpose:

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