The Doctoral Programme in Psychology at the University of Málaga is aimed at training doctors in the health sciences in the field of psychology. The programme is taught in the Faculty of Psychology and is part of the Doctoral School of the University of Málaga. The research teams that the Doctoral Programme is based on are organised into seven thematic areas or key lines of research. The demand for the education of doctors in psychology has given rise to the current programme, which brings together the interests and objectives of all the research groups. The doctoral programme in psychology aims to ensure that doctors are well-trained in the field of psychological science and have the ability to independently face current psychological research and rigorously carry out professional activities in the field of psychology. Its main lines of research include the biological bases of behaviour; the psychology of basic processes; the methodological applications of social and health sciences; evolutionary and educational psychology; the psychology of social intervention; clinical psychology; and psychology in regards to physical activity, performance, management, and health.

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