Determinants of Physical Activities in Settings

Financed by : European Commission


Reference: CA19101

Duration: October 2020 to October 2024



The COST Action “Determinants of Physical ActivitieS in Settings” (DE-PASS) is unique in focus, extent, constitution and as an effective Knowledge Transfer Platform (KTP). DE-PASS will focus on identifying, understanding and measuring the determinants which promote, maintain or inhibit Physical Activity Behaviours (PABs) across the lifespan and in different settings and translating this knowledge to assist policy-makers to achieve greater health impact. European and global society is now largely physically inactive.

The health, economic and social benefits of a more active society are enormous. DE-PASS will illuminate why individuals and/or societies adopt a physically active or inactive lifestyle. To date enormous energy has been invested by researchers in answering this question, however, the knowledge gained and the impact achieved through this investment is fragmented, not readily translatable and rarely transcends the state of the art. DE-PASS will achieve the following:

1) Use a settings approach (home, school, work etc.) to bridge the knowledge and translation gap;

2) enact a multi-disciplinary, Pan-European, international network of established, young and Early Career Investigators (ECIs) and policy-makers;

3) exploit, consolidate and further integrate existing relevant expertise, evidence, resources and influence; 4) develop capacities and careers for ECIs;

5) provide a new European PABs conceptual framework, a best evidence statement and implementation guidelines for policy-makers;

6) define and standardise European measurement protocols;

7) establish a new, high functioning, open access European database of determinants of PABs with a cohort extension and

8) define an evidenced-based and aspirational Pan-European research harmonisation and implementation strategy.

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