• Knowledge and understanding of the biochemical, molecular, cellular, and physiological processes of organisms that are useful in biotechnology.
  • Basic and applied knowledge that allows for the design of systems for the production or modification of products of biotechnological interest.
  • Introduce students to aspects of biotechnology that determine or limit their use in society.
  • Develop skills in experimental design, the preparation and presentation of projects, and the presentation of data.
  • Analyse the practical applications of this science in industrial sectors that include the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the creation and management of biotechnology companies.
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Dr. José Becerra Ratia

University Professor in the Sciences. Principal Investigator of the Bioengineering and Tissue Regeneration Laboratory Group (LABRET-UMA) of IBIMA.

  • Faculty of Sciences. University of Málaga.
  • 952 13 19 66

Dr. Javier Ruiz Albert

Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences.

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