• Possess and understand knowledge on the economics and management of healthcare and medication systems (pharmacoeconomics) which provide a professional basis for students to operate independently in the execution of clinical management and the evaluation of healthcare technology (including medications) in the context of research into health outcomes.
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of healthcare economics in order to enhance students’ abilities to solve problems such as the use and abuse of medications, healthcare inequalities, management of resources, and efficiency of healthcare technologies within the public health context.
  • Training on decision making and forming opinions on healthcare management based on evaluation and research, including from incomplete information, as part of the exercise of the profession within the public health context.
  • Training of students in the communication of the conclusions and results of research and evaluation of procedures regarding health outcomes and healthcare technology.
  • Provide high-level learning and educational skills in regards to economics and the management of healthcare services and medications (pharmacoeconomics). This learning will be largely self-directed and/or independent. Management of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors is understood in the broadest sense and includes state services, the centres and departments of healthcare institutions at any level of care, pharmaceutical services providers, agencies for evaluating medications and medical technology, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and distributors, insurers, and consultants in this sector.
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Dr. Antonio J. García Ruiz

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, University of Málaga.

Dra. Mª Luz González Álvarez

Doctora in Economics and Business Studies, University of Málaga.
Adjunct Professor, Doctor in Applied Economics (Statistics and Econometrics), University of Málaga.

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