• Understand the health / disease / care processes and the role that biological, social and cultural variables have in these processes, as well as the analysis of cultural representations and social practices in the field of health.
  • Apply practical and useful information systems for the generation of information that allows better management of it, as well as modifying and improving existing systems in the world.
  • Plan, organize, execute and control statistical processes at an operational level aimed at the adequate structuring of health indicators, to be applied in actions to improve the health-disease process.
  • Analyze the human development indicators, managed in international health systems, for their proper interpretation and application through strategies of presentation and dissemination of information for decision-making.
  • Know the international epidemiological surveillance systems, which allow them to have relevant information on the main health problems and their risk factors.
  • Develop and participate in health research projects in different regions of the world, as well as in the application and evaluation of results.
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Dra. Isabel Mª Morales Gil

Professor at the University of Malaga

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