The Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital has two facilities where the Institute is located. They are divided into: Research and Phase I/II Clinical Trials Laboratory

Research Laboratory

The Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga has a specialised laboratory for clinical research. These facilities are located on the first floor of this healthcare centre on the western side of the main building. More than 70 professionals linked to this field work in this laboratory. They include physicians, researchers, technicians, pre- and post-doctoral nurses, and personnel on contracts from national entities. The IBIMA Virgen de la Victoria research laboratory is divided into several strategic areas. These include a general study area for work done by groups such as the cardiology, endocrinology and nutrition, oncological radiotherapy, urology, oncology, infectious diseases, haematology, and microbiology research groups. In addition, the laboratory has another area specifically for carrying out molecular biology and biochemical centrifugation work, a laboratory kitchen, a positive pressure chamber, a double cellular culture chamber, a darkroom, and cryopreservation equipment.


Cespedes Vidal, Alicia

Cespedes Vidal, Alicia

Técnico Laboratorio Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Victoria.
Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital Laboratory Technician. 951 03 46 46

Clinical Trials Unit. Phase I/II


The Phase I Clinical Research Unit, located in the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital, is directly accessible from the exterior of the hospital. It has a user reception area, a consultation room for extractions, a Nursing Department station, two consultation rooms, a day hospital, two double rooms, two storage rooms, a room for use by unit personnel, and a waiting room for family members.


Trigo Pérez, José Manuel

Trigo Pérez, José Manuel

Coordinador de la Unidad de Investigación para Ensayos Clínicos Fase I. Oncología
Phase I Clinical Trials Research Unit Coordinator. Oncology 952 30 26 25



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