The 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan identifies the priority strategic lines and action plans for the next five years, guiding IBIMA’s actions and activities for this period of time. Its purpose is to achieve the defined objectives whilst taking into account the environment in which the Institute is situated.

In regards to the plan’s methodology, it should be noted that it has been developed with contributions from a large number of professionals, which include research and technical personnel at the Institute, area coordinators, External Scientific Committee members, Delegated Commission members, and expert personnel from all institutions that form part of IBIMA. This plan was developed in the Steering Committee that was specifically created for this purpose and with the coordination of the Scientific Directorate. This plan was developed in the Steering Committee that was specifically created for this purpose and with the coordination of the Scientific Directorate.

Actions Plans

The 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan is based on the 13 specific, interlinked action plans:

Scientific Cooperation

The general objective of this action plan is to foster synergies amongst IBIMA research groups, promoting collaboration with other institutes as well as within and amongst IBIMA’s areas.

Alliances with Other Institutions

This plan seeks to establish a framework for relationships at different levels, both on the institute level as well as on the research group level. It aims to favour cooperation amongst research groups and other institutions and to develop strategies for scientific cooperation.

Institutional Integration

The objective of this plan is to increase the institutional integration of the entities that form IBIMA. It works to align capacities and increase the affiliation of researchers and research groups from the University and the healthcare field in Málaga to IBIMA by contributing to identifying and training talented researchers as well as by publicising the benefits of affiliation with IBIMA amongst emerging talent.


The aim of this plan is to promote collaboration and synergies amongst IBIMA research groups in different knowledge areas. This strengthens quality and cooperation within the area and amongst other areas so that cooperative projects orientated towards priority health problems may be carried out.


This plan improves IBIMA’s positioning within and outside of the Institute so as to increase visibility and highlight the value that the scientific advances generated at IBIMA have for society and the rest of the scientific community.

Group Development

This plan seeks to identify new research groups, promote existing groups, foster the consolidation of emerging groups, favouring the continuation of consolidated groups, and ensure the handing down of groups to the next generation of researchers.

Attracting and Recruiting Talent

The goal of this plan is to increase human resources in a sustainable manner in order to reach a critical mass of researchers at IBIMA and create an open, transparent, and attractive working environment for researchers, thus contributing to the execution of translational research of excellence.


This plan seeks to increase fundraising and collaboration for research or innovation activities within the Institute through sponsorships from companies, foundations, associations, and private individuals.


The aim of this plan is to reinforce the international nature of the research carried out at IBIMA and of the Institute as a centre for scientific excellence. It works to foster the international presence of its researchers, promoting fundraising and talent recruitment in addition to establishing strategic collaborations.


The objective of this plan is to consolidate the structures that make up the Shared Research Support Structures (ECAI) with a view to providing IBIMA researchers and any other user in the biomedical field with the high-level technical, technological, scientific, and methodological support services that are needed in order to carry out research activities.


This plan aims to coordinate the research training available with the entities that form the Institute in order to support quality training that is in line with IBIMA members’ interests. In this manner, it seeks to promote training offers that meet both the transversal and specific needs of researchers who are affiliated with member institutions, whether they are personnel at the beginning of their professional careers (pre-doctoral students, medical specialty residents (EIR)), or junior or senior researchers. Special attention is placed on emerging groups and technological platform technicians.


The goal of this plan is to guarantee research and innovation of excellence through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System implemented at IBIMA.

Promotion of Translation and Innovation

The principle objective of this plan is to strengthen IBIMA’s culture of innovation and its capacity to generate innovation by transforming knowledge into results that are applicable to healthcare practices. It is orientated towards achieving results in health and improvements in resource management that have a direct effect on improving care delivery and patients’ health.

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