Lineas de Investigación

01.Improve quality of care to the patient/families through research and innovation.

Offer patients with advanced stages of certain pathologies as well as their families the opportunity to access new ways of approaching their disease—including care in the end stages of life as well as in grief—through epidemiological studies, clinical trials, and qualitative studies. Offer the patient/family new strategies for approaching and caring for their needs can make it possible to improve well-being and quality of life.

02. Promote the scientific activity of CUDECA and of IBIMA’s EE05 group.

Generation of knowledge arising from collaboration amongst the clinical research and patient care programmes.

03. Expand IBIMA’s interdisciplinary, comprehensive approach to patients with advanced stages of cancer and other diseases and their families.

Encourage the participation of CUDECA professionals specialised in different health fields (medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, physical therapy, and volunteering) in the collaborative research projects that are proposed.

04. Provide the possibility of managing large series of patients as well as having the infrastructure and clinical knowledge available that allows groups and researchers to have a greater competitive edge in order to secure resources that fund palliative care research.

Proyectos de Investigación

Publicaciones científicas

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Instruments to evaluate complexity in end-of-life care.

Martin-Rosello, Maria Luisa; Sanz-Amores, Maria Reyes; Salvador-Comino, Maria Rosa
Current Opinion In Supportive And Palliative Care 2018

Assessment of IDC-Pal as a Diagnostic Tool for Family Physicians to Identify Patients with Complex Palliative Care Needs in Germany: a Pilot Study

Comino, MRS; Garcia, VR; Lopez, MAF; Feddersen, B; Rosello, MLM; Sanftenberg, L; Schelling, J
Gesundheitswesen 2018

Spanish adaptation and validation of the supportive & palliative care indicators tool – SPICT-ES (TM)

Fachado, AA; Martinez, NS; Rosello, MM; Rial, JJV; Oliver, EB; Garcia, RG; Garcia, JMF
Revista De Saude Publica 2018

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