The Provincial Biobank of Málaga is a support service that promotes the conduct of biomedical research by research staff, facilitating the biological samples and their associated data for use in research and teaching. The biobank safeguards compliance with legal, ethical, and quality requirements

This support unit belongs to the Andalusian Health System Biobank and forms part of the National Biobanks and Biomodels Platforman initiative of the Carlos III Health Institute whose aim is to provide added value to the National Health System, promoting the conduct and quality of scientific production


• Processing of samples through conventional histology
• Processing of samples using sectioning and polishing for hard samples
• Sample processing
• Preservation of samples at different temperatures
• Technical, scientific, and ethical advising on harvesting, storing, and managing human samples in biomedical research

A request for samples of human origin and/or their associated data in order to conduct a research study is subject to the requirements set forth in the Law on Biomedical Research 14/2007 and RD 1716/2011, which implements it. In general, a research project must have ethical and scientific approval. The biobank will provide the necessary support and ethical, legal, and technical advising needed to obtain these approvals.

To request a service from the ECAI Biobank, please, contact us by mail or phone

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All nodes are equipped for the processing and conservation of any typology

• Four cryopreservation rooms with equipment for conserving samples at -196ºC, -80ºC, -20ºC, and 4ºC with digital temperature monitoring, validation with an external temperature probe, and 24/7 alarm management
• Three sample processing laboratories for transforming samples according to the procedures and technical criteria pursuant to standardized operating procedures. The biobank has:

o BIOIIA laminar flow cabinet
o Microtome
o Tissue-Safe



Tatiana Díaz Córdoba


Contact: 671 56 09 26 | 

You can find us at the following hospital nodes:

University Regional Hospital of Málaga

Pavilio 5, Basement, Civil Hospital
Contact: 951 290 185

Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital

Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital. Research Laboraatory, 1st Floor
Teléfono: 951 032 319

Costa del Sol Hospital

Costa del Sol Hospital. Clinical Laboratories, Ground Floor
Contact: 951 976 752