What is Responsible Research and Innovation?

Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) is an internationally established perspective that involves joint action by stakeholders in Research and Innovation. Its goal is to work together to align processes and results that generate real impact by incorporating scientific and technological advances in the health of citizens and the economic environment. Responsible Research & Innovation is based on six fundamental pillars:

Responsible Research & Innovation is based on six fundamental pillars:

Citizen participation

As a collaborative process, all actors in society are invited to actively participate, playing a leading and decisive role during the different phases of research and innovation, fostering an inclusive approach

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND

-Organization of the 1st Charity 7-a-side Football Tournament HUVV-IBIMA, with 16 teams registered and the direct participation of 300 individuals

-Workshop on Photoprotection with educational centers on World Environment Day, in collaboration with the Malaga City Council

-Workshops with patient associations as part of the 1st Meeting of Museums, Art, and Mental Health in different museums in the city of Malaga

-Football match of researchers with the 'Supercapacitados' team from Malaga Football Club

–I Solidarity race against Obesity

Gender equality

Support for gender balance in a transversal manner across the various bodies that make up the Institute, directly integrating women in all R&D actions and decision-making processes.
The Institute's objective is to tirelessly work towards gender equality. To achieve this, it has implemented an Equality Plan that places the woman scientist at the center of its roadmap, promoting the integration of women in decision-making and leadership positions. Some activities within this pillar have been related to:

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND

- Participation of researchers from the Institute in the 1st Conference 'Women Scientists and Gender Equality in the SSPA,' organized by the Ministry of Health and Consumption at the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital in Huelva.
- Program of activities on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science with the participation of scientists from IBIMA Plataforma Bionand.

Scientific education

Access for future researchers and other actors in society to have the most optimal tools and capabilities to participate directly in the research and innovation process, awakening scientific vocations and the ability of citizens to enrich the scientific debate between professionals and society

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND

-European Researchers' Night, with the participation of professionals from the Institute

-Cycle of Conferences for Society

-"UCIENCIA Talks" in collaboration with the University of Malaga

-Courses for basic life support and defibrillator management in different health centers, aimed at the public

-"Pint of Science" festival in various locations in Malaga

-Visits of patient associations, educational centers "Bringing Science to Schools", and undergraduate students to our Clinical Research spaces



Research and innovation must respect fundamental rights and the highest ethical standards

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND

– Código Ético y Buenas prácticas en Investigación

– Comités éticos: CEIm y CEUMA

– Certificación HRS4R: Estrategia de Recursos Humanos para la Investigación

– Certificación UNE 166002: Sistema de Gestión de la I+D+i

– Buenas Prácticas Clínicas (GCP)

– Sistema de Compliance Corporativo

Open access

Responsible research and innovation must be accessible and transparent and the results of publicly funded research must be freely available

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma Bionand:

– Implementación de la política de acceso abierto/open data

– Adhesión a los repositorios institucionales de la Salud de Andalucía RISalud y del Instituto de Salud Carlos III, REPISALUD

– Coordinación del Grupo de Acceso Abierto del ISCIII

– Publicación de los resultados de los Ensayos Clínicos con acuerdo a la política de CTIS


Entities of Responsible Research and Innovation must promote citizen participation in their advisory and governance bodies

Internships at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND

- Participatory governance: Internal Scientific Committee and External Scientific Committee

-Patient perspective with the inclusion of a member from Spanish Association against Cancer in our Internal Scientific Advisory Board

- Accreditation as a Health Research Institute by the ISCIII (2015)