The equipment available at the unit together with the techniques continuously performed by the technical team allow for making qualitative and quantitative assessments of any tissue.

In particular, instruments for sectioning and polishing hard materials and histomorphometry equipment allow for the comprehensive analysis of bone tissue.
Through sectioning and polishing techniques, histological processing can be performed on samples that cannot be processed through conventional techniques, such as undecalcified bone tissue, samples that contain metallic implants...


  • Processing of samples through conventional histology
  • Processing of samples using sectioning and polishing for hard samples
  • Digitization of brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescent images in a single field or z-stack of up to 60 μm
  • Use of software for quantifying nuclei, membrane segmentation, and analysis of scanned images
  • Histomorphometric analysis of bone or muscle samples to measure various parameters


Conventional Histology Equipment

  • HM 360 THERMO SCIENTIFIC motorized rotary microtome with a blade holder accessory for methyl methacrylate samples
  • Secuflow WALDNER fume cupboards (prepared for DAB developing)
    LEICA DM 1000 microscope with a LEICA ICC 50 HD camera and 4x, 10x, 20x, 4x, and 100x lenses (immersion)
  • OLYMPUS VS200 slide scanner for brightfield, darkfield, and polarized slides. 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x lenses
  • LEICA APERIO VERSA 200 slide scanner with a loader for up to 200 slides for brightfield, fluorescent, and FISH slides. 1.25x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 63x lenses (immersion). It includes nuclei quantification, membrane segmentation, and image analysis algorithms

Hard Tissue Equipment

  • EXAKT (401, 402, 510, 520, 530), equipment, EXAKT CL-CP 300 band saw system, and EXAKT 400 polishing system
  • BIOQUANT OSTEO histomorphometry equipment and software


Iván Durán Jiménez

Scientific Coordinator


Alejandro Domínguez Moreno

 Histology Technician

Contact: 952 36 76 27 | alejandro.dominguez@ibima.eu

Marta Carayol Gordillo

Electron Microscopy and Histology Technician

Contact: 952 36 76 37 |