The main function of this platform is to provide support on bioinformatics to biomedical research groups in order to meet their bioinformatic analysis needs and the various technological needs that arise in research and clinical practice. This unit places special emphasis on ongoing, personalized support to the various groups and projects.

The platform's objectives are to provide support from the experimental design stage, including on the methodological design, to the obtaining and interpretation of results stage. This unit serves as an intermediary between clinical groups and more technological groups. It helps with performing all procedures and processes involved in data management, curation, and protection. The unit is continuously expanding, improving, and updating the services offered


• Design of protocols and electronic case report forms (eCRF)
• Database and information management system auditing: refactoring, filtering, standardization
• Management and advising on the REDCap data management platform, incorporated into the Andalusian health system
• Automation of data processing and statistical analysis
• Specialized advising on bioinformatics tools for research
• Design of specialized tools and programs for biomedical research
• Review of and advising on research projects
• Omics studies, including comparative genomics, metabolomics, proteomics, microbiota
• Methylation-450K BeadChip and MethylationEPIC 850K data analysis
• Analysis of RNA and microRNA expression based on sequencing data. Detection of target genes affected by microRNA
• Multiomic integration analysis, multiomic multivariate integration, functional integration
• Tool for analyzing interactions among parameters of different natures in complex diseases
• Tool for evaluating the phenotypic quality of cohorts of patients and diseases
• Prioritization of variants based on phenotypic information. The tools (Exomiser, LIRICAL, and Phen2Gene) are based on a phenotypic data analysis of patients in order to prioritize exomic information



Juan Antonio García Ranea

Scientific Coordinator

Andrés González Jiménez


Contacto: 658 17 65 04 |

Guillermo Paz López