The Proteomics Unit provides scientific and technical support and advising to the university community and other public or private institutions on the identification and characterization of proteins as well as other biomolecules fundamentally through mass spectrometry techniques. Mass spectrometry is based on the differential behavior of ionized molecules when passing through electrical and magnetic fields. This technique allows for these ions to be separated based on their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) and later detected.

It is located in the Proteomics Unit of the Central Research Support Services (SCAI, for its initials in Spanish) of the University of Málaga. It has an advanced scientific infrastructure and highly qualified staff. Its role is to conduct trials and provide scientific, technical, and teaching support in a comprehensive, centralized manner


• Quadrupole-orbitrap mass spectrometry
• Ion trap mass spectrometry
• MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry
• MALDI-imaging spectrometry


• De diagnóstico y pronóstico de enfermedades
• Search for therapeutic targets for new drug and vaccine development
• Determination of molecular mechanisms involved in disease pathogenesis
• Tumor classification
• Drug distribution in tissues
• Identification of micro-organisms
• Ecological and evolutionary studies


• Q Exactive HF-X
• Amazon Speed ETD
• Ultimate 3000
• Image-Prep
• Digestor
• Proteineer FC II
• Agilent 1200
• Bioplex 200
• Bioplex Pro Wash
• Biologic DuoFlow
• EASY-nLC 1200



Javier Márquez Gómez

Scientific Coordinator

Contact: 952 13 22 10 |

Casimiro Cárdenas García

Responsable Technician

Contact: 952 13 22 10 |