Continuous training

The Institute is committed to training our researchers, with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational offer that responds to our professionals’ needs, including a complete program of scientific courses, symposiums, workshops, and seminars led by experts in each of the areas and lines of research our groups and research support platforms work in. They provide knowledge and also serve as a meeting point for generating synergies among the research community

ABRIL 2024

Curso ECAI Bioinformática | Manejo y análisis de información con R

15, 16, 17 y 18 DE ABRIL

📍Aulario López Peñalver de la Universidad de Málaga.



Acercando la Ciencia a las escuelas: investigación y desarrollo de medicamentos


📍Salón de actos de IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND.



Jornada de apoyo a la investigación clínica de IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND


📍A definir entre salón de actos del Hospital Virgen de la Victoria o salón de actos del Hospital Materno-Infantil.




Doctorate programs

Master's degree

Other Master's and University Experts

Mobility and stays

Mobility IBIMA's Own Plan 2023

Mobility and Staff Enhancement Assistance
Through calls included in the Institute’s Own Plan, the Institute supports the mobility of all research staff in order to complete their training at other centers. These types of programs are aimed at keeping researchers up-to-date and allowing them to learn new research techniques and types.

The Institute supports the continuous improvement of our professionals’ competitiveness by participating in competitive calls through human resources and by funding projects. In turn, this type of initiative serves to establish new academic links and strengthen existing ones among the sending and receiving institutions, thus strengthening the network with other cutting-edge centers on the national and international levels. A lasting relationship and strong collaboration are formed among teachers, researchers, and institutions

2023 Own Plan. Stays in Highly Competitive Research Centers

Closed Call as of 13/04/2023 due to exhausting the budget for this category. No more applications are accepted

Application Form 

International Mobility (link to Investiga+)

Active Mobility and Staying Grants


  • Postgraduate, undergraduate, or vocational training internships

For the completion of internships that complement postgraduate, undergraduate, or vocational training education, it is essential that there is a direct relationship with the university or educational center, and that the internships are included within the training program. Applicants should contact Formación IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND via email ( as they have the expertise to provide proper guidance to prospective students in obtaining the necessary official documents for the application process. They will carefully review the student's curriculum to propose the best alternatives within different areas of the Institute. Additionally, they will monitor the internships to ensure the proper execution of tasks as outlined in the student's study plan 

  • Erasmus+ Internships


To carry out international internships under the ERASMUS program at IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND, you must contact the  International Projects Office of IBIMA Plataforma BIONAND via email (, indicating at least your contact information, group in which you wish to carry out your internship and dates in those who wish to carry out the mobility. Remember that any stay at IBIMA BIONAND Platform must be carried out in the field of research

The documents required to formalize the stay are:

  • Proof of affiliation to the sending university (registration or certificate)
  • learning agreement
  • Responsible statement 
  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Accident and Civil Liability insurance policy, in force during the period of the stay
  • Emergency contact list

Below, you can consult the list of internship positions offered by the IBIMA BIONAND Platform groups:

A-01 Endocrinology and Nutrition, Diabetes and Obesity

A-06 Diabetes, Obesity and other Vascular Risk Factors. Systemic Autoimmune Diseases

F-05 Medical Robotics

A-03 Heart Failure and Ischemic Heart Disease

C-06 Neuropsychopharmacology

A-03 Heart Failure and Ischemic Heart Disease

C-03 Basic, Clinical and Epidemiological Research in Mental Health

C-03 Basic, Clinical and Epidemiological Research in Mental Health