Organisational Chart

The IBIMA Plataform BIONAND Board of Directors is the Institute's highest governing body. It currently has six members:

Organisational Chart

Isaac Tunisia Fiñana

Managing Director of Research, Development and innovation, Ministry of Health and Families, Regional Government of Andalusia

Valle García Sánchez

Manager of the Andalusian Health Service. Andalusian Board

Antonio Posadas Chinchilla

General Secretary for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of University, Research and Innovation. Junta de Andalucía


Loreto del Valle Cebada

General Director of Research Planning. Ministry of University, Research and Innovation

Antonio José Morales Siles

Vice Rector of Research and Scientific Outreach. University of Malaga

Natalia García Casares

Delegate of the Rector for Health-Related Relations. University of Malaga