Cell Cultures


IBIMA plataforma BIONAND offers a cell culture unit to research groups at the Institute and groups from other public or private institutions. The unit includes two separate spaces dedicated to managing established cell lines and primary cultures (mainly murine and human cultures), respectively, in sterile conditions, categorized as category 1 and 2 biological risk (containment level 2) and a room for cell cultures with viral vectors (containment level 2). In addition, to avoid the contamination of samples with pathogens, the unit also has a quarantine room dedicated to temporarily housing any new cell entering the facility until any possible pathogens are detected and treated or ruled out


Maintenance and disinfection of biosafety hoods

Maintenance and disinfection of incubators

Regular changing of CO2 incubator water

Maintenance and disinfection of thermostatic baths

Periodic analysis of mycoplasma contamination in incubators

Removal of solid waste and treatment and removal of liquid waste

Equipment and facilities for the use of viral vectors in cell cultures

Daily temperature and CO2 control in incubators

Annual certification of cabinets and incubators


Advising on the acquisition and maintenance of cell lines

Cryopreservation of samples

Analysis of mycoplasma contamination 

Viability testing


    • Class II A2 biosafety hoods

    • Nucleofector 4D electroporation nucleofector system (AMAXA-Lonza)

    • Refrigerated centrifuges

    • Inverted brightfield microscope with phase and fluorescence contrast with camera

    • CO2 incubators

    • Cryopreservation room with three liquid nitrogen tanks



Elena González Muñoz

Scientific Coordinator


Concepción Oca Gil

Animal Facility and Cell Culture Technician