Knowledge protection

IBIMA’s Technology Transfer Unit plays a proactive role in supporting and managing the protection of research results and establishing alliances, guaranteeing a standard framework for relationships with the business sector in line with the Industrial and Intellectual Property Framework


  • Intellectual property registry. Creations of the mind. This encompasses literary and artistic works, architectural designs and computer programmes (the source code is registered, except for exceptions that may be “patentable")
  • Industrial property registry. If the creation solves a technical problem and has industrial applications
  • Patent. Title deed which prevents others from manufacturing, importing, selling or using the technology without the title holder’s consent for a period of 20 years. For example: a new molecule
  • Utility Model. Inventions consisting of, for example, giving an object a configuration or structure that some utility or practical advantage can be derived from. For example: a surgical instrument


Novelty. The invention cannot already be part of the state of the technique. That is, it must not have been made accessible to the public through a written or oral description, a use or any other means either in Spain or abroad before requesting the patent

Inventive activity. The invention solves a specific technical problem in a manner that is not obvious to an expert on the matter